Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"You will be held accountable"

I received a comment in response to a post I wrote about Lou Dobbs "American Idiot". Apparently another web site saw my post and decided to link to me here. I appreciate it. The full comment was:
"You are a paid for virtual neo-con plant. You will be held accountable"
I wonder what the commenter means by this. Who exactly is paying me? How much am I being paid? Is it cash or direct deposit? What is a virtually neo-con as opposed to a real neo-con? How can I be a "plant" if I am the only blogger here? Above all, I am wondering if I will be sued or have a Nuremburg trial in my future. Will my real identity be revealed to one and all? Will my employer find out I have a super-secret blog (so secret, only about 50 hits per week) and fire me? Or possibly, will the poster from Phoenix Arizona take matters in his own hands?

To this I give the "W" sign and say in my most whinny voice: WHATEVER. The bottom line is it appears that tolerance for dissenting views does not seem to be a characteristic of those that see things another way from this commenter. That appears to be the trend these days. And you know what? I just don't care. Furthermore, the more I receive feedback of this type, the more I am inspired to write. Keep it up Phoenix!


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