Monday, March 19, 2007

300 Movie Review

I rarely, if ever, go to movies in the theater. I usually cannot stand the rude crowd of talking people who don't know how to silence their cell phones. And yet, I made an exception for 300.

First of all, I thought 300 was a fantastic action and adventure movie. That it totally avoided fashionable political correctness and portray things as historically accurate (more or less), made it even better. Yes, it is politically incorrect that the Spartans discarded babies with visible deformities. Yes, it was politically incorrect that the Spartans brutally trained their boys to become warriors. Politically incorrect or not, it was mostly historically accurate.

I guess another politically incorrect characterization was the clear distinction between good and evil. In our life and times, it is rare to see the theme played out on the big screen. Usually, the good guys are portrayed as ambiguous figures and the "bad" guys has having a legitimate set of grievances. Not so with the 300; the Spartans were good, the Persian invaders bad. And perhaps that was equally historically accurate, yet rare position for a Hollywood film. Was it pro-war? Sure it was. It was also pro-Freedom and pro-Democracy. And historically, had the Persians conquered Greece, it was unlikely that Democracy would have taken hold in the Western world. In this way, the movie likely portrayed an important turning point for Western Civilization. For this, we can rightly cheer the good guys defeating the bad guys.

But, enough of the plot dissection. It was a great flick with non-stop, adrenaline pumping, blood gushing action. Go see it and enjoy it.

My only question is: when does the DVD come out? I want to see it again and again!


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