Monday, February 26, 2007

Global Warming Moral Authority

Last night as Al Gore was receiving the Oscar for best Documentary, the former vice president declared man-made global warming was a moral issue. Of course, last night was not the first time he has declared such. Since Al Gore believes it to be a moral issue, then this report on his home's energy usage certainly damages any platform from which Gore pretends to speak. Of course, Gore claims to attain carbon neutrality via purchasing carbon offsets from NativeEnergy. Regardless of this claim, paying the modern-day equivalent of indulgences does not relieve Gore of his singular responsibility to provide moral leadership. Besides his palatial home, he rides in private planes and SUV convoys. Moral leadership indeed.

Until people like Al Gore lead by example, it will be hard for me to take the entire effort seriously. Unless he is willing to personally sacrifice for the ideals he wants the rest of us to have, why should we grant him moral standing on this matter?


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