Sunday, March 25, 2007

Scientist gives 1400 Interviews: "I've been muzzled"

The persecution complex that global warming scientist James Hansen has in incredible. He gives 1400 on the job interviews including one to 60 Minutes, and yet, he claims repression.
A NASA scientist who said the Bush administration muzzled him because of his belief in global warming yesterday acknowledged to Congress that he'd done more than 1,400 on-the-job interviews in recent years.
Citing what he called a "growth of political interference," Mr. Hansen said he was forced by NASA officials to deny an interview request from NPR because press officials believed the network to have a liberal bias.

But Mr. Issa noted that Mr. Hansen conducted 15 interviews in the month after accusing the Bush administration of censorship.
What is really amazing is the repression is really on the other side of the issue. Present an alternate point of view and watch what happens:
"I would get out of my sickbed to testify to Congress on global warming, if they were ready to deal responsibly with the matter," Hansen wrote. "But obviously they are still in denial, inviting contrarians to 'balance' the science of global warming."

Hansen apparently was objecting to the House panel's late addition of John Christy, a professor and director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. In his testimony yesterday, Christy told lawmakers that scientists "cannot reliably project the trajectory of the climate" for large regions of the United States.
So only Hansen's view is responsible and the responsible thing to do is muzzle the alternate viewpoint. Nice repression complex.


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