Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's Official: Global Warming Causes Everything

With the recent assertion that climate changes causes terrorism, I would like to make it official: Global Warming Causes Everything. Here is just a short list of things Global Warming has caused:
-A prince to cancel his holiday.
-The Democrat election victory.
-A call for the next set of Nuremberg trials.
-Threats to wine production
-Predictions of Biblical disasters.
-Global warming implicated in China deaths.
-A total loss of hope.
-Fish kills
-Mountain growth
-Polar bears getting political.
-Better beer.

So it is apparant that Global Warming can be tied to any noticeable phenomenon. So not only does Global Warming Cause Everything, it explains everything. Therefore, this concept will hereafter and forever be known as the "Global Warming Theory of Everything" - GWTE for short.

Pass it on.


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