Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Global Warming Demonizing

This editorial by Froma Harrop is typical of the global warming debate as approached from those who argue significant human involvement in the phenomena. It is equal parts scientific ignorance, demonization and revisionist history. Frankly, it is also an attempt to shut down the debate over the issue which is unhealthy, in my opinion.

Here is what I mean:
AMERICANS CAN ADAPT, one supposes, to an Alaska without polar bears, a New Hampshire without fall colors and a Florida without its bottom third.

President Bush was never one to lose sleep over future generations — just look at his budget deficits. Add in another matter he’s supremely indifferent to, the environment, and we have the Bush policy on global warming. That is, do zero to cut U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases. Actually, do less than zero. His early doubting that humans even play a role in climate change demoralized those trying to grapple with the problem.

The glad tidings are that the Bush administration no longer matters much.
So, according to Froma, Global Warming and carbon dioxide emissions began with the Bush administration's inauguration in 2001. And here, I thought the global warming trend began almost 20,000 years ago. I am not sure who was President then, but it was probably not a Republican.

But don't worry, Froma has a partisan solution:
For one thing, Democrat Barbara Boxer is replacing Republican James Inhofe as chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

She says: “This is a potential crisis of a magnitude we’ve never seen,” and “Any kind of weakening of environmental laws or secrecy or changes in the dead of night is over.”

For this attitudinal change, we can thank the Democrats’ new majority, however slim, in the Senate. It’s another reason to pray for the speedy recovery of South Dakota’s Tim Johnson — and for all Senate Democrats to look both ways when they cross the street.

Yes. The Democrats will save us from the big bad, global warming disaster. But it will have to be tough love.

But we may have a last chance to deal with global warming. Will today’s Americans sacrifice for a posterity they will never see?

And lastly, we have to make it a moral issue.

This is about family values put to the acid test.

So let me sum this up for you:

1) If you question the effects of human involvement on Global Warming, you are evil incarnate? (I thought dissent was patriotic?). How long will it be before anyone who questions The Froma will be sued or put on trial.

2) Only government action can save the world.

3) Only Democrats can save us. Just forget the failure of the Clinton administration to even introduce the Kyoto Protocol to the US Senate and the failure of Europeans to abide by it.

I am sick of people like The Froma and Al Gore. The more they talk, the more they turn me away from the point they are trying to persuade me towards. Their demonization tactics, hypocrisy and deceit just turn me off. If they turn off people like me, how can they ever hope to build a political consensus?


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