Sunday, January 21, 2007

Universal health care interest grows

Hillary announces for President and this story appears. Coincidence? Right. I will save you the trouble of reading it. This is the bottom line:
The promise: Cover millions of uninsured adults and children. Improve the quality of care at hospitals and doctor's offices. Rein in rising costs that are eating up workers' wages, company profits and state budgets.

The problem: Someone's got to pay. And getting those with a stake in health care — doctors, insurers, hospitals, workers, employers, government — to agree on who and how much won't be easy.
Sure. It is easy. All of us will pay and medical care will be unaccessible and rationed. That is why people in Canada pay to come to the US for routine hip and shoulder replacements rather than wait for years.

To that, I say no thanks. Keep your "Universal Healthcare". I prefer mine to be private.


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