Saturday, June 30, 2007

Adaptation: Copacabana closes its doors

I know that this is a strange thing to blog about, but I do it anyway. :
"'What are you going to do?' said John Juliano, taking a break from setting up shop on the club's penultimate evening. 'Like anything else in life, you're born and you die. We'll try to find another spot by the fall.'"
Life is increasingly about adapting to change. Nothing stays the same like it has in the past. Things change. Situation change. Faster than ever before. If you cannot adapt, improvise and overcome, you will be left behind. (Yes, I know I quoted a Marine motto, but it is so applicable to life on planet earth, that I use it with pride.) There are going to be waves of change. Roll with it or be washed up on the shore.


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