Friday, June 22, 2007

Sex Toy = Green Propaganda

The Greenie propaganda machine cannot even leave sex toys alone:
"Most vibrators, dildos and “love dolls,” for instance — especially the soft, pliable “jelly” type — use some form of plastic. In an effort to make the materials softer and more lifelike, PVC plastics suppliers incorporate one or more members of a family of compounds called phthalates (FAY-lates). To hear some environmentalists tell it, using a vibrator that includes phthalates is akin to bathing in DDT."
Sorry. I have to call call bullshit on that one. The evidence that Phthalates (pronounced thal-eights not FAY-lates you idiot) introduce health risks is very weak to non existent. They only face scrutiny under the theory that it is better to "ban first and gather evidence later." It is fear-based living. Thanks, but no thanks.


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