Friday, December 22, 2006

Stuck travelers

I guess I am one of 100,000 people who will not make their Xmas destinations. Oh well. I am going a week late so will have two Xmas celebrations.

After hurricane Rita in 2005 and that evacuation nightmare, I have learned to not be disappointed with travel delays, weather and traffic. As the bumper sticker says "S**t happens" and when it does, it matters more how you react to it than what actually happened. Getting angry that Denver got dumped on by mother nature would not get me there for Xmas. I guess I could have vented to the Travelocity agent in India, but that would not do any good. Instead, I re-framed the event to put it into a positive light:
1) I have a place to go for Xmas. I had several offers to come to coworker and friends' houses for dinner. It is good that people care about me here in Texas.

2) I have my dogs with me and we will put up my tree, go food and gift shopping. The weather is very nice here in Houston although I have a slight cold that will prevent going for a hike with the dogs.

3) I can watch all the football on this weekend without taking time away from family to do it. My Broncos play Cinci this Sunday for a spot in the playoffs. Now, I can watch on the big screen in high def without feeling bad for doing it while on vacation.

4) I will be going to see family, just a week later than normal. By then, my cold should be gone and I can go X-country skiing with dad.

Everything will be just fine! In fact, I will have a good time away from work and not going through the stress of traveling. I need some non-stress to get over my cold and just chill for awhile.

Christmas in Texas! One for the ages!


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