Thursday, December 21, 2006

Japan Demographic Shift While You Watch

A plummeting population will be the test case for Europe and US's declining population. However, at least the US is accepting immigrants while Japan never has.

We will see how this works out:
Japan already has the highest number of elderly people and the lowest number of young as a percentage of its population.

The imbalance is threatening future economic growth and raising fears over whether the government will be able to fund pensions.

But Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki said: "It's impossible for the pension system to collapse due to the declining birth rate because we will adjust the amount of money put into it."

All such schemes are doomed to failure; it is not a matter of ideology, it is a question of mathematics. And this is why the next 20 years will be the most financially interesting time in human history. I look forward to watching things like this unfold. It may not be positive, but it will be exciting!


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