Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nassim Taleb's Work and Links

I have gathered an extensive library of Podcasts, books, websites, articles and publications where Nassim Taleb has appeared. Since I have yet to see an organized list, I am organizing it myself! I am not linking to everything since a lot is redundant and not useful. Most of the articles about him are superficial and useless, so I am leaving those out.


The Black Swan (Amazon)
Fooled by Randomness (Amazon)

Taleb's Website:
Fooled by Randomness

Econtalk - April, 2007
Econtalk - March, 2009
Econtalk - May, 2010
Idea Festival Episode 36 (2008)
Idea Festival Episode 37 (2008)
Forum Network (video May 19, 2010)
PopTech (video 2005)
Fora TV (A Crazier Future - Video Feb, 2008)
Nassim Taleb and Daniel Kahnemann (Video January 2009)
New Yorker Summit 2009 with Robert Shiller
Thinking the Impossible RSA 1-May-2007 Audio PDF Transcript
David Cameron and Nassim Taleb at RSA 18-Aug-2009 Audio Video
Atheists and the Stock Market (Video)
Radio Open Source 3-June-2010

Publications and Papers:

Opiates of the Middle Classes (Religion and Stock Market)

Having a Job Make You a Phony? (Stoicism)
The Fourth Quadrant
Homo Ludens or Homo Oeconomicus
Manifesto with Benoit Mandelbrot in the FT page 1, page 2
Technical Paper on Fat Tails, or Why the Lévy Regime does not count (very techinical!)
On the Very Unfortunate Problem of Not Observing Probability Distributions )(with Avital Pilpel)


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