Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Carbon Tax Reality

This really boils down the argument of the Fatal Conceit of Cap-and-Trade versus the Carbon Tax:
What they are basically arguing is that a carbon tax works by hundreds of millions of individuals making decisions in reaction to higher prices, and chosing their own way to reduce carbon production. They don’t trust this kind of bottom up chaos, despite the fact this is how our entire economy and society works, except for a few corners where beltway guys live and breath in their own reality. They want a few “scientific” guys at the top picking winners and subsidizing technologies and particular approaches.
It is really telling that a democracy boils down to electing a political aristocracy that endevours to control everything and everyone. They don't trust us to act in our own best interest, but infinitely trust themselves to act thusly on our behalf. To that I say "No Thanks!".


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