Friday, October 17, 2008

Hate Retractable Leashes?

Read this from a woman who takes issue with retractable leashes
"I hate retractable leashes. I hated them when I worked in the pet store 100 years ago. I hated them during my years in the vet clinic. And I hate them now, when I see them on the streets.

To put it mildly, they are useless. Yeah, they keep your dog from getting more than 15 or 25 feet from you, but that's about it."
I guess I disagree. I think they are a wonderful tool. I walk my dogs with them all the time and they are great. Except I pay attention while they are on the leash. I never let it get long enough so they can run in traffic. I always watch for other dogs and possible fights. I only extend the leash when they are going to the bathroom in the grass and not while we are walking. When we walk, they are right by my side.

I think any tool is dangerous if you aren't paying attention. But why penalize those of us who know the limitations of the tool and use it responsibly?


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