Thursday, October 16, 2008

Away From The Troubles

In these times, everyone seeks to escape from economic or life troubles. I really don't have life issues outside of a troublesome, yet manageable work situation. And yet, being "away" from life has its place.

What I am reading: The Mind of the Market by Micheal Shermer

What I am listening to: Staind: The Illusion of Progress + a mix of Train music recommended by someone special.

What I am watching: the original and only CSI (Miami and NY suck, bad), The Unit, and NCIS (my favorite because they have the best stories). Other than that, it is Denver Bronco football and a sad, 4-2 record. I am having post-hurricane Ike issues recording HD programs on the local CBS station. I don't know if it is the new DVR or the repaired receiver. I am troubleshooting.

That is my escape...what is yours?


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