Sunday, March 02, 2008

Healthcare Neighbors

H/T Tigerhawk.

This is why countries with government-controlled healthcare need capitalist neighbors; they have to have somewhere to go:
"While other provinces have sent patients out of country – British Columbia has sent 75 pregnant women or their babies to Washington State since February, 2007 – nowhere is the problem as acute as in Ontario.

At least 188 neurosurgery patients and 421 emergency cardiac patients have been sent to the United States from Ontario since the 2003-2004 fiscal year to Feb. 21 this year. Add to that 25 women with high-risk pregnancies sent south of the border in 2007."
So where will they go when the US's healthcare system is ravaged by government control?

But this is the best part:
Progressive Conservative health critic Elizabeth Witmer says it reflects poor planning.

That is particularly the case with neurosurgery, she said, noting that four reports since 2003 have predicted a looming shortage.

“This province and the number of people going outside for care – it's increasing in every area,” Ms. Witmer said.

“I definitely believe that it is very bad planning. ...We're simply unable to meet the demand, but we don't even know what the demand is.”
So, instead of concluding the system just does not work, they just need to plan better.

This is the foundation that sits under economies that rely on centralized planning. When they inevitably crumble and fail, they blame it on poor planning and the need for more planners. As Hayek said 60 years ago, there will never be enough information or an organization good enough to plan an economy. It just does not work. But, it is still coming here and we will find out ourselves.


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