Monday, February 25, 2008

Cafe Hayek: Spare Me from Collectivism

Cafe Hayek: Spare Me from Collectivism:
"Being libertarian, I find no romance in collective action. The yearning to be part of a great collective 'challenge or crusade' - be it conservative or 'liberal' - reflects humans' tribal instincts. These instincts served a sound purpose during our hunter-gatherer past, but are today at odds with the individualism that makes us free and prosperous."
Of course, this is a lesson we are going to be forced to unlearn over the coming decade or two.

But wait, there is more from Boudreaux:
If you, Dear Reader, want to be part of a collective movement, that's fine with me. Really, it is. I wish you luck and happiness. But please don't force me to join you in your crusade (whatever it might be). And please don't presume that if I choose not to join in any collective effort, or only in a collective effort involving fewer persons than the efforts you favor, that my life is somehow empty, my soul shriveled, my mind small, my heart uncaring, my habits contemptible.
I could not say it better myself.


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