Sunday, August 26, 2007

Report: Vick to lose over $100 million

I don't know if $100 million is enough:
"Michael Vick could lose over $100 million in salary and endorsements after pleading guilty to federal dogfighting charges, according to a report. Citing estimates from the University of Oregon's Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the total cost for Vick could reach almost $150 million. If the Atlanta Falcons terminate the quarterback's contract - a 10-year $130 million deal signed in 2005 - he will lose $71 million. Legal experts say the team has the right to terminate Vick. The Falcons could also sue Vick to try and recover some of the $37 million already paid to Vick in bonuses."
I still think Vick should be put in a ring with a couple pit bulls. Then let's see what happens.


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