Friday, August 31, 2007

Lawyer in BP case uses Scumbag Tactic

Coon did a good job with Eva Rowe (apart from his attempts at legislation), but is using a dishonest tactic (yes, shocking, I know):
"A lawyer representing people hurt in the deadly 2005 blast at BP's Texas City refinery today compared responsible refinery operations to responsible gun ownership.

The gun analogy came after Coon asked if anyone thought explosions are inevitable at refineries. No one raised a hand."
So, Coon is comparing guns, which are designed to kill people and do by the thousands each year, to refineries which rarely result in fatalities. Hopefully, the jury will see past that leap in rhetoric. Of course, I am not saying that BP shouldn't pay, and they have. I just marvel at the twisted way lawyers present their story.


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