Friday, July 27, 2007

Dumping TV

Interesting story on a guy who dumped his TV and got a life.

I find that when I watch a lot of TV, I am just not as optimistic about life and progress. I don't sleep as well or get any books read. I even fell less intelligent and intellectually sluggish.

Now that the TV seasons are over, I don't watch as much TV. Sure, at the end of the week, sometimes I sit down and watch a movie from the high definition channels. But I am more selective and won't watch something just to be watching it. If it sucks, I don't watch it. I play with the dogs or read a book instead.

The guy makes a good point about valuing your time. If you lament that you can't do X or can't do Y, figure out how much time you watch TV. Then figure out what is worth your valuable time and energy. Think about it!

Besides, I rarely remember the plot of a TV show whereas books are memorable. Dogs are memorable. Projects are memorable. You won't miss watching TV. You will miss your life in retrospect.


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