Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dog Fighting Victim

Champ gets second chance:
"Champ is in training.

He's training for a life in a home far different from the Liberty County compound where animal welfare officials rescued him in August. There, his life was likely as the 'bait' dog used in a massive pit bull breeding operation.

More than 300 dogs were discovered on the secluded property near Cleveland last summer when law enforcement officials responded to a fatal home invasion call. Some of the animals were puppies. Some were sick. Since then, all except Champ have either died or been euthanized."
Please, do not ever get me in contact with one of these dog fighting operations. I could not be held responsible for what I might do.

The people that fight dogs are some of the most reprehensible members of this society. They are not even human, they are subhuman. And yes, I am watching the case in Georgia very closely.

People, give this organization your business:

Champ is finishing a six-week obedience training program at Lone Star Pet Lodges of Missouri City. He's learning basic commands to make him more likely to fit into a family, such as sit, stay and come. He's also socializing with other dogs in case his new home has pets.

"He's a good dog. He's not aggressive," said Linda Fisher, assistant manager at Lone Star. "He's come a long way from his previous environment."

Clark thinks he would fit in well with a family who can offer him lots of exercise and work on his new obedience skills.


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