Friday, July 20, 2007

Get. Out. Of. The. F*cking. Way. (Rachel Lucas)

Get. Out. Of. The. F*cking. Way. (Rachel Lucas):
"Anyway. So I was at Target, minding my own business, which involved pushing my cart through designated cart-pushing/people-walking areas called 'aisles', and was repeatedly thwarted by what I like to call CCOA's: Clusterfuck-Causing Oblivious Assholes. You know who I'm talking about: those uncivilized animals who don't seem to grasp the fact that aisles are for MOVING. Not STANDING AND TALKING."
I don't have this problem at my neighborhood Target. This is a Wal*Mart thing and the reason why I no longer shop there. Target is the best place to grocery shop around me. Nice wide isles, plenty of open checkout lanes, friendly people, no customer loyalty cards and all the hot ladies shop there. I gladly pay whatever extra they charge.


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