Monday, June 18, 2007

Dr. Helen: No Touching Allowed!

Dr. Helen: No Touching Allowed!:
"Heck, most adults stay so far away from kids they don't know (or those they do know) for fear of being called a pervert or abuser that many kids lack for adult companionship and mentoring."
This is true. I walk my dogs in the neighborhood most days and most people know me. However, one day I was walking my dogs off my usual route. Two kids three houses away from the street came running towards me to pet my dogs (who could blame them; my guys are the best looking dogs in the whole world). Mom and dad were nowhere in site. Against my better judgment I stopped and let the little boy pet my guys. About that time, mom rounds the side of the house and comes bounding towards me with a worried look on her face and a sharp word to her kids. I did not react in the slightest except to put my biggest smile on my face and calm my dogs who sensed her mood. After a quick chat "Are you from around here?" she asked. I said, "No. I live way over in the subdivision by the water tower. Just taking my guys for a walk to the lake for a quick swim." Then, it was time to go.

I am sure the kids got in trouble for approaching a stranger and they probably should have. So now, if I see a child sans parent, no matter what. I keep going like they are not even there. If mom or dad is there, I ask if it is OK for the child to pet the dogs.

And that is the times we live in. Sad but true.


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