Monday, April 30, 2007

Flags at Half Mast: Tax Freedom Day

According to the TaxProf, today is tax freedom day. That we have worked 120 days to cover the burden of big government is sad. And the only way the government gets away with it is through mandatory withholding. If we had to save up to pay taxes, there would be a revolt.

And my proof? I was talking to an older person who recently turned 60. She is one of the biggest of big government liberals. She is a lawyer who works for one of the most liberal towns in America - in the people with disabilities division. She recently decided it was time to start saving for retirement and opened an IRA. She also said to me "I got tired of paying those high taxes so this is a way for me to shelter income from taxes." My jaw dropped. I let her get away with it because it was her birthday. Yep. Classic liberalism in action. They want the government to pay for everything, but with other people's money.

Happy Tax Freedom Day Everyone!


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