Saturday, April 28, 2007

The real life and the phony life

Roger Simon takes a look at living "The real life and the phony life

Glenn Reynolds has two posts on the top of Instapundit this morning that remind me of why I could never be a politician - one about Iraq and one about the environment. I could say that was because 'I cannot tell a lie,' but that would be ... a lie. It's because I'm not good enough an actor. My real thoughts and feelings pop out too easily."
I feel the same way with high-level managers. They can rarely compartmentalize the way they are at work and the way they are at home. Their back-stabbing politics cannot be shut off. It leaks into their personal life. If they lie and cheat at work, or golf or finances, then that follows them around into their personal life. That is why it is important to be congruent in everything you do. I am not perfect at it, but at least I realize when I am dishonest or lazy or weak, that stays with me. Others think they can act bad in one part of their life and not have it affect the other. Not so. Humans are not built that way.


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