Monday, December 18, 2006

Class warfare, Again

Here we go folks. Here comes the class warfare, back again for another round. I find such talk like this dangerous:
Democrats are considering proposals to shrink the income gap, such as boosting the minimum wage, scrutinizing executive pay, increasing tax credits available to the poor, and making health care and higher education more affordable.
The crux of the argument is "you have it, I want it, hand it over." Instead, we should argue for mobility between income groups which has always been the equalizer. In America, the fact is the same people don't stay in the lower (or higher) income brackets their entire lives. Most move up and down within the bracket. Chronic, long-term poverty is very low and people that are willing to work, make a good living. That is the American way, not income redistribution.

Besides, there is a lot of mythology and bad data surrounding the income statistics. See a great article here.


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