Saturday, February 14, 2009

Am I weird?

Coyote things he is not Totally Weird, but I think that is an open question:
"But perhaps what made folks think I was really weird was when I told them I though that oil refineries, at night, could be some of the most beautiful places on earth."
I have lived in Houston, Texas for the last 18 years and worked in the chemical industry all that time. Often, I think that the industrial ship-channel area has a beauty all its own. People think it is weird, but that is what I think. When I actually used to work in the plant, I would go to the top of the structure on a clear day and look to the west and could see downtown Houston. To the east, chemical plants as far as your eye could see.

It is beautiful because this is industrial and commercial progress that capitalism has delivered to the world.

So there! I guess I am weird.


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