Thursday, March 27, 2008

Malthus said the same

The Malthusians of our era talk like this:
"Greenbang: What do you think is wrong with the debate on climate change?

Dr Kate: It hasn’t really got to grips with the fundamental problem, which is that Western, industrialised lifestyles are literally unsustainable. Climate change is just one symptom of this. WWF famously calculated that if everyone on earth were to enjoy the lifestyle of an average Western European, we would need three planet earths."
Of course, Thomas Malthus wrote in 1798 that the global population must decline. Paul Ehrlich wrote the same in 1968. Both were wrong as have all that have made similar predictions. Why should we believe Dr. Kate? What evidence does she have to support her predictions? The answer: we shouldn't because she has none.


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