Sunday, May 13, 2007

Teachers: What were they thinking?

This goes under the heading of "what were they thinking"? Teachers stage fake gunman attack on sixth graders
"Staff members of an elementary school staged a fictitious gun attack on students during a class trip, telling them it was not a drill as the children cried and hid under tables.

The mock attack Thursday night was intended as a learning experience and lasted five minutes during the weeklong trip to a state park, said Scales Elementary School Assistant Principal Don Bartch, who led the trip.

'We got together and discussed what we would have done in a real situation,' he said.

But parents of the sixth-grade students were outraged.

'The children were in that room in the dark, begging for their lives, because they thought there was someone with a gun after them,' said Brandy Cole, whose son went on the trip."
I swear. People don't think things through. This was clearly an inappropriate exercise for 6th graders. I don't have kids, but if I did, this is not the kind of thing I would want to have my child participate in. In fact, I cannot think of any parent who would.

I wonder how long it will be before someone gets fired.


At Monday, May 14, 2007 11:48:00 AM, Anonymous John Schan said...

Fired? FIRED?!?!

You're joking, right Jim? We are talking about a public school system here. Noone will get fired (reprimanded, suspended, counselled, lectured: yes, fired: no). To me, this is another reason for school vouchers.

Anyone boneheaded enough to put 6th graders through this deserves to be fired.

At Tuesday, May 15, 2007 12:11:00 PM, Anonymous john schan said...

AHA! I was right!

According to this post on Michell Malkin's blog, the teachers were suspended for the rest of the school year and no more.


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