Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Toyota: Number One With a Bullet

Toyota passed GM in car sales for Q1-2007. I saw this coming a long time ago. Why?

Toyota's reputation for quality and fuel efficiency has lifted sales of the
popular Camry, Corolla and Prius gas-and-electric hybrid while GM has cut
production as high fuel prices turned people away from its light trucks and
sports utility vehicles.

Toyota is ahead of GM in several ways, he said, including producing fuel-efficient models, developing new technology, boosting global brand image, cutting costs and having high morale and unity among its ranks.

This said it better than I can.

What is next? Protectionism is going to rear its ugly head:
But as Toyota rolls on, its executives are growing concerned about a possible political backlash in the U.S., even though American consumers continue to flock to Toyota dealerships. U.S. lawmakers from manufacturing states charge that the Japanese government has kept the yen artificially low, giving Japanese automakers an advantage.


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