Saturday, April 07, 2007

Gapminder Human Data Presentation

I don't even know who to give a H/T to, but if I can remember, I'll put them in the H/T hall of fame. In any event, I stumbled across this talk by Ted Rosling regarding human development trends. I was absolutely fascinated by the trend graphics he displayed. Click the link and watch the presentation and you will see. Below is are mere screen captures of this incredible way of displaying data. It is remarkable what the Gapminder people have done.

This is an interactive presentation done partially in the video above: Human Development Trends

I see that Google has bought the software and is hosting it. I am hoping I could get my hands on the software to add to the data that is presented there. It will be a novel way of displaying charts and graphs to make a point.

Here is the Gapminder link in Google Tools. Check it out. It is awesome.


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