Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's All About Steffy

Once again, the Houston Chronicle's Loren Steffy peddles his self-centered, economic mumbo-jumbo in his latest column:

Just after Christmas, I took my family camping on Padre Island for a couple of days.

It was peaceful and relaxing. The serenity was shattered periodically, though, by a convoy of tractor-trailer trucks, running down the beach with oil-field equipment.

It was my first encounter with the national seashore drilling program that was authorized in 2002.

My immediate reaction was "this shouldn't be allowed."

Then, on the return trip, I happily filled my gas-guzzling Chevy van with $2.15 a gallon gasoline. What a relief from the prices of the summer.

In one short trip, I managed to span the range of emotions that's stymied what passes for a national energy policy. We can't decide who the enemy is.

Just like with cell phones, Steffy seems to think the economic world revolves around him. Because his vacation is interrupted by economic activity, it "shouldn't be allowed".

What should not be allowed is for economic might being welded by a misguided and irresponsible government that cannot even account for its own finances. Until the government stays out of energy policy, and other other economic matters for which it is totally unsuited, the problem will not be solved.

Of course, it will be solved without "decid[ing] who the enemy is" other than the government's interference.


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